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Bent Flyvbjerg

Professor, Research Director, Dr. Techn., Dr. Scient., and Ph.D.

Notice: On April 1, 2009, Bent Flyvbjerg moved to University of Oxford. Flyvbjerg's Aalborg website is up to date until the time of his move. After this date, please see his site at Oxford:



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This page lists selected memberships of editorial boards, boards of directors, commissions, councils, etc.

Editorial Boards, etc.

Boards of Directors, etc.

Commissions, Councils, etc.

Editorial Boards, etc.

Bent Flyvbjerg is or has been a member of the editorial board or editorial advisory board of the following journals:

- Critical Perspectives on International Business.
- Planning Theory.
- Planning Theory and Practice.
- Progress in Planning.
- Transportation.
- Urban Planning (Byplan).

In addition, Bent Flyvbjerg works as referee for Cambridge University Press, Sage Publications, and numerous journals.

Boards of Directors, etc.

Member of the Board of Governors (bestyrelsen) for the Danish Court Administration (Domstolsstyrelsen), Copenhagen, 1999-2005.

Member of the Board of Directors, Nordic Institute of Planning (Nordplan), Stockholm, 1990-1998.

Member of the Board of Directors, Nordic Section of the Regional Science Association, 1983-85.

Member of the Board of Directors, Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University, 1980-84.

Commissions, Councils, etc.

Appointed by the Minister of Transport and Energy as member of the Danish Government Commission on Infrastructure, 2006-2007.

Appointed to the Council of The Royal Danish Geographical Society (medlem af rådet for Det Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskab), 2006.

Member of the Danish National Committee on Geography, from 2002.

Member of the Danish Nature Council, Board of Representatives, 1998-02.

Appointed by the Minister of Research to four-person consensus-committee assisting the Danish Government in formulating a national research strategy on transportation, 1995-96.

Appointed by the Danish State Department, the Ministry of Research, and the Ministry of Transportation as Danish EU-Representative to the Management Committee, COST 328 (Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research), Integrated Strategic Network Infrastructure in Europe, Commission of the European Union, Brussels, 1994-2000.

Member of the Committee on Urban Research, National Building Research Institute, Copenhagen, 1993-2000.

Committee member of the Swedish Communication Research Board (KFB), Stockholm, Committee on Political Science and Economics, from 1993.

Appointed by the Danish National Research Council to committee assisting the Danish Government in formulating its Coordinated, Strategic Environmental Research Program, 1991.

Member of Danish Social Science Research Council Committee on City and Regional Research (Byref-udvalget), Copenhagen, 1984-91.










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